Welcome to Ethnic Epicure NYC! The website that showcases the staggeringly rich ethnic diversity of New York.

My name is Scott Stone, as a long-time resident and life-long world traveler, I look forward to sharing with you this vibrant cultural mix, and seeking out the best in the city’s ethnic restaurants, festivals and the arts. With 150 countries represented and nearly 200 languages spoken, New York more than any city allows one to “travel the world” for the modest price of subway fare.

Be it jumping on the D Train to Bath Beach Brooklyn for Khachapuri among high-spirited Georgians, or tasting the searing heat of Sri Lankan Hoppers in Staten Island, or at a tiny Nepalese restaurant in Jackson Heights sharing Thali and close contact with Sherpas and Bhutanese monks. . .  Perhaps you are interested in contemporary art from Iran, or a performance of a Greek singing legend, some Indonesian Puppet Theater, or taking part in Bolivia’s colorful “Fiesta del Gran Poder”, or catching the latest in films from Romania.  It is all here in New York. 

Ethnic food will be a major focus of the site, wherein I will reveal my favorite and most authentic restaurant for each country represented in the city.  The second area of focus will be on New York’s dynamic arts scene, where I will highlight what I consider the most special, exhilarating, and unique musical events, museum and gallery shows, theatrical performances, dance, and film offerings.

In addition, this site includes a page focused on: “My Favorite Foreign ‘Off-The-Beaten-Path’ Places/Faces” where I have traveled. And, lastly, my book: INSATIABLE:  A Passion-For-Life Memoir Backpacking Around the World. (The book based on my over two years traveling around the world, 34 countries, on less than $2 a day.)

The derivation of the word “epicure” is from the Greek philosopher Epicurus (342 – 270 B.C.) who advocated the “pursuit of pleasure as the highest good.” He would have passionately embraced our great city, and would have embraced Ethnic Epicure.  So please join me, fellow “epicures” in our pursuit of pleasure. Let us be enriched, inspired, enthralled in this savory mecca of New York! New York!  YES! “It’s a Helluva Town.” And totally available to you.




I am a native of the Midwest . . . But New York is the city that captures my heart; the city that each time I return to it, I feel so fortunate. I arrived in NYC in my twenties and fell immediately under its spell. The   color, excitement, and cultural diversity.   I fell in love with the city, and that love affair exists stronger than ever today.

My professional career in New York included executive positions with both Magazine Publishing and the Cruise Line Industry. However, my real passion was exploring the city and travel.

Following college graduation, I backpacked around the for over two years (thirty-four countries) on less than $2 a day. This enriching, colorful experience served for the basis of my recent self-published book INSATIABLE. I have continued to travel in the same way as that first trip; seeking out the more remote destinations with strong ethnic minority groups and dramatic landscapes.

Because of my passion for world travel, New York is the ideal place for me to live. I am enthusiastic to launch Ethnic Epicure NYC and share my rich, colorful, explorations and discoveries with you.