Dead Treez is the first solo New York museum show for Jamaican artist Ebony G. Patterson.  There are two parts to this vibrant and moving show; the first gallery features five eye-popping mixed media tapestries with embroidery made up of glitter, glass, silk flowers, lace, gun, hula-hoop, toys. And a life-size tableau of ten male mannequins, dressed in a kaleidoscopic mix of floral fabrics. All looks beautiful, lovely from a distance, but take a closer look and these works are filled with a deep underlying menace and violence which is so profound in disenfranchised postcolonial Jamaica. The second gallery (The Tiffany Jewelry Gallery) is filled with beautiful flowers splashed with jewelry and gorgeous fabrics, but hidden among this bucolic setting are horrific signs from true-life murders. Dead Treez a show so lovely on first gaze, but leaves you numb on leaving.

Museum of Arts and Design (MAD)  2 Columbus Circle