Young, female, from Taiwan, and talented . . . this is what the eight artists have in common in the impressive current exhibition "Her Gaze," which is currently at the Taipei Cultural Center of TECO in New York. However, the "styles" of each of these woman (all born in the 1980's) is diverse and appealing. From Joyce Ho's cool somewhat disturbing "Invisible" set against a luminescent palette, to Ho Su-Wei's imaginative watercolor "Blue Egg" displaying a remarkable exacting craftsmanship, or Huang Hai-Hsin's "Amuse Ourselves to Death," her vibrant rollicking oils explore issues of contemporary life somewhere between humor and horror. The exhibit features twenty-one painting and is curated under the acute eye of Josianne Lih-Huei Lai. "Her Gaze" runs until March 30. 

Taipei Cultural Center  1 East 42nd Street