The Taipei Cultural Center in New York is launching its 2016 Taiwan Film Series. The series includes six films detailing the lives of women in Taiwan. This overview will cover the final three films of the series in chronological order. All Films will be presented at the Mid-Manhattan Library starting at 2 PM. . . 1) THE TASTE OF LIFE (4/10) - Different Styles of dining can also be portrayed as different styles of life. This urban implication of the multiple aspects of life, people with prestige and beauty, hidden struggles and temptation, are portrayed through dining. 2) OUR TIMES (4/17) This film remains captivating and engrossing because it's east to relate to and fundamentally grounded in realism. Almost every adult, as some point, looks back at their life as a teenager to reassess their adult life, and Director Yu Shan Chen makes the reassessment quite delightful to watch.  3) JULIETS  (4/24)  Film is an omnibus of romances that are teasingly anti-romantic. The three central figures are each named Juliet and they each dress in red at some point. The stories embrace their feminine perspectives. Red is the color of passion and danger, as well as luck and happiness (in Chinese culture). Each story is driven by some of these elements.

Mid-Manhattan Library 455 Fifth Avenue (40th Street)