The Greek language distinguishes four words that are used for LOVE . . . "Agape" (love of charity, God), "Phila" (friendship), "Eros" (sexual passion), "Storge" (affection for family empathy) . . . And last evening at the Greek Cultural Center in Astoria Queens, the theatrical production of SONS and DAUGHTERS by Yiannis Kalavrianos these varying forms of love were on full display. Deftly directed by Lyto Triantafylidou, the fast-moving eighty minute production presents a testament to the word, in all its full flavors, lovingly, and with warts and all. Please note that the production though spoken in Greek, has English subtitles that appear above the stage effectively translated by Eleni Drivas. Ms. Drivas was also responsible for the "English" spoken monologues in the show which were most effective.

The play features four actors, two men and two women. They appear to range in age from mid-twenties to mid-thirties. But each portrays a wide range of characters each reflecting back on a memorable "story" vital to their respective lives. There are eleven true stories in all; ranging from poignant, to funny, to sad, to lustful. But all through the stories the power of love is the main theme. "Love is the Salt of Life." "Home is not a place, but a feeling." These lines resonated with me as I left the theater. SONS and DAUGHTERS which was first performed in Athens and Epidaurus Festival in 2012 to excellent reviews, provides an actors dream to test their range, as with nimble dexterity each changes from one character personality to another (be it a starry-eyed totally infatuated geeky student one moment to an overly stern traditional Greek father the next). Each of the actors brings their talent in full and connects with the audience in this intimate setting very effectively.  The actors all born in Greece include; Fotis Batzas, Mantalena Papadatou, Nikos Siozos, and Alexandra Skendrou. Ms. Skendrou has an especially lovely voice and her closing monologue was memorable and moving. 

Greek Cultural Center 26-80 30th Street Astoria (Queens)