The Czech Center of New York presents the film "Simshar," with Maltese director Rebecca Cremona in person. A landmark for Maltese cinema, "Simshar" is the country's first film to receive international distribution and its first submission for the Foreign Language Academy Award. The multi-award winning film is a heartbreaking tale of life and death on the Mediterranean in which the intersecting fates of two boats stranded at sea-one containing a fishing family, the other African migrants in need of medical attention-culminates in shocking tragedy. Based on a true story, "Simshar" is both a gripping survival tale and a poignant look at Europe's migrant crisis. With Lofti Abdelli, Clare Agius, Sekouba. In Maltese and English with English subtitles. 101 minutes FREE (Reserve ticket)

Czech Center   321 East 73rd Street