Anna Karina was just 19 years old when she met the director Jean-Luc Godard. In the two years since she had moved to Paris from Copenhagen, where she was born, Karina had gone from being penniless on the streets to an in-demand model. After Godard cast her in "Le Petit Soldat," she quickly became an emblem of the French New Wave. Their relationship was tumultuous, divorcing in 1965. However, they made seven films together, Karina gaining raves for her performances. All seven films will be playing at the Film Forum May 6-12. I have listed each film and respective date: May 6 (Vivre Sa Vie) May 7 (Alphaville) May 8 (A Woman is a Woman) May 9 (Le Petite Soldot) May 10 (Made in USA) May 11 (A Woman is a Woman) May 12 (Band of Outsiders) May 12 (Pierot Le Fou)

Film Forum  209 West Houston