The translation to English of the restaurant's name Seis Vecinos "six neighbors," refers to the restaurant proudly serving food of all five Central American countries, as well as Mexico. However, the owner, and head-chef are from Honduras and Seis Vecinos presents the best of traditional Honduran dishes.

Located in the Mott Haven area of the Bronx, the small lively five year old restaurant has vibrant orange walls and does a brisk take out business. The seating is well spaced and has a capacity for about thirty diners.

My waitress Heidi, a native of Honduras was demonstrative in her praise of the "must have Honduran dish" being the "Pollo Codos O Tajados con Carne Molida." The plate on its arrival was daunting in its size. Filling the huge plate, it also rose in the shape of a pyramid rising a good six inches in height. WOW! - This dish contained the following: Two big pieces of fried chicken, ground beef, fried green plantains, cabbage, salad, and all lathered up with tomato sauce and house dressing with lots of grated cheese. Around the dish were five shrimp which Heidi suggested I have in addition.  I had a love/hate relationship with my platter - the chicken, the big leg, and big breast were very good . . . but the house sauce did not agree with me, and overall I found the dish not very good. However, I am still glad that I tried this classic Honduran dish and I think many people will enjoy it. The restaurant itself was comfortable and all staff was very friendly.

Address - 812 East 149th Street (Bronx)      (718) 684 - 8604

Interesting fact about Honduras - Honduras sits on the second largest coral reef in the world.