In my search for my Jamaican restaurant of my dreams who would think that I would find it in the shadow of Yankee Stadium? But, yes, it is true! Not in Brooklyn along Flastbush Avenue or Crown Heights, but on Gerard Avenue two blocks from Yankee Stadium. The name is  Feeding Tree and it has been open for twenty five years and it is the real deal!

They do a fantastic job with classic Jamaican dishes like Oxtail Stew, Curried Goat, Calaloo and Cod Fish, Curry Shrimp, Pepperpot Soup - all delicious . . . but my favorite is still that iconic dish - Jerked Chicken. The serving of four big pieces of chicken so succulent it almost falls of the bone, and with that hot "jerked taste" just like I love - but hard to find in NYC. This is the place! The dish comes with rice, beans and cabbage. Make sure also to have the homemade Cornbread or Blueberry Bread. 

However, beyond the authentic Jamaican cuisine is the "feel" of  Feeding Tree. The interior, done in vivid orange and yellow, sporting an impressive mural painting of a colorful Jamaica beach scene.  Posters of Bob Marley, Air Jamaica, and handsome charcoal drawings of Martin Luther King and Malcom X add to the atmosphere. And on top of this the service, overseen by the handsome and charismatic Manger Tristan, a native of Kingston. The restaurant has two rooms, the first used for "ordering food" and the second larger room seating about 30 for dining.

Address - 892 Gerard Avenue (Bronx)   (718) 293 - 5025

Interesting fact - Jamaica with 2.8 million people is the largest speaking country in the Caribbean.