Take a walk down Nostrand Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant and you will see several small West Indian restaurants, these places offering tasty food, but not more than a places to pick up a roti or various curry dishes, and not really spend time, and enjoy the graciousness of the dining experience. Except for . . . Angela's. Named after Angela Pellew-Whyte a native of Guyana opened her restaurant 15 months. It is interesting to point out that Angela had a restaurant at this same address from 1997 - 2004, then took time off including enrolling in the culinary program at the Art Institute of New York City and catered out of her home. It is great to have Angela back!

There were several items on the menu that caught my attention, including "stuffed fish" (okra, spinach, pumpkin), the "codfish sliders" and the "jerked salad" - but it was Dale, the manager, a handsome engaging man with a glorious deep voice steered me to the "oxtail" - and I am glad he did! I love oxtail, but the oxtail at Angela's is the most most, tender and flavorful I have ever had! This dish is not to be missed. With the oxtail I had a side of Guyanese lo mein, the noodles with red pepper and carrots had a nice bite. With the food, Dale suggested I have the home-made "Pineapple iced tea with mint. Refreshing and delicious.

Unfortunately the day I dined at the restaurant, Angela was not in. However, I did meet the head-chef Kemar. He is native of Jamaica and has worked with Angela even at her original restaurant. He is warm, affable, and a terrific positive energy. The interior of Angela's is small, with just seven wooden two-top tables. But not small as being confined, but cozy and handsome. Note the quality of the wooden ceiling, the handsome exposed brick and ornate wooden chandelier. The environment is enhanced with cool Reggae lounge music.

Angela's                                           417 Nostrand Avenue (Brooklyn)        (718) 552 - 2297