Named after the north African neighborhood in Paris, Barbes located in the Murray Hill area of Manhattan, for fourteen years has consistently served delicious Moroccan classic dishes; such as Couscous Royal, Tagine de Poison and Zalook in a stylish soothing setting.

The restaurant is owned and operated by Abdellah Ksiyer, a native of Oujda (northeastern Morocco close to Algerian border) was formerly the head-chef for thirteen years at the upper east side French restaurant Ferrier.

Mr. Ksiyer not only does a first-class job overseeing the kitchen, but takes pride in the decor of Barbes. With sponged pinkish walls, "the color of Marrakesh," he says, stylized Middle-East designed lighting fixtures, and select works of Moroccan inspired paintings and drawings - this is a handsome restaurant that bespeaks style. Cool contemporary French music adds to the atmosphere without being overbearing. Service is professional and warm. Photo attached of the gracious and ever-smiling Amid our waiter.

Address - 19 East 36th Street  (212) 684 - 0215

Moroccan (Arabic)  lesson - "Hello" (salaam) "Thank you" (shukra) "Delicious" (Lareez)

Interesting fact about Morocco - Morocco is the largest processor and exporter of sardines in the world.