Though I have eaten my way through China in virtually every region, this was my first encounter with Taiwanese cuisine. From the research I did, speaking with a slew of native and asking what they felt was "the most authentic Taiwanese restaurant in the city", the choice was clear - Main Street Imperial Taiwanese located in Flushing.

Though is was a sleepy mid-afternoon Tuesday when I entered, the restaurant buzzed with ravenous diners as they chowed down on an assortment of Taiwanese specialties; such as Oyster Pancake, Stewed Pork with Napa Cabbage, Bitter Melon with Salted Egg, "Fry's Head" a dish containing minced pork, leeks, garlic, in black bean sauce,. I had this as my first dish, it had a nice spicy bite and a texture that produced a distinct crunch. For my entree I had one of the true classic dishes and one of my "favorite new dishes of 2016" and this was "Three Cups Chicken." The dish served in a large cast iron bowl - contains significant sized pieces of chicken which  been marinated for hours in alcohol with in ginger, basil. The dish is so succulent, the broth is fantastic! (photo)

Main Street Taiwanese run by the affable Mr. Lee, (photo) who is the head-chef as just celebrated their fifth anniversary.  The restaurant is atmospheric with a small Buddhist shrine in the corner, hanging colorful strips of paper written in Chinese which are "sayings" that Mr. Lee finds of interest. Another thing I loved about the restaurant was the demonstrative personality of the staff, especially the waitress Lin (ask for her if you go) she is highly-spirited with a terrific sense of humor , and she knows the menu and the kitchen and is outstanding in suggesting the items that "you must try." 

Address - 5914 Main Street Flushing (718) 886 - 8788

Taiwanese - (Mandarin) "Hello" (Ni how)  "Thank you" (shay-shay) "Delicious" (how chew)

Interesting fact about Taiwan - Taiwan's is nicknamed "Formosa" meaning beautiful island.