For an authentic taste of Guatemala hop on the F Train to 169th Street in Jamaica, and one block away is Tierras Centro Americanas. The restaurant twelve years old is cozy and atmospheric with hanging gords, peppers, and traditional textiles gracing the tables. The restaurant holds about twenty and serves up traditional Guatemalan dishes. 

The "Caldo de Gallina" (Chicken Soup) was one of the best soups that I have ever had anywhere! Hearty pieces of leg and thigh of chicken in the most delicious broth, the soup packed with vegetables; long stringed green beans, golf ball sized potatoes, carrots, yuca, and chayote. The soup served with rice and three fluffy thick tortillas. With this dish, I also had the "Tamalitos de Chipilin" (Tomale with Native Leaf Chipilin) which was outstanding. 

Another aspect that makes this a special restaurant is the warmth of service, radiating from the manager Lorena, and the cook Mirena (photo) both native of Guatemala. Tierras Centro Americanas is the type of place that feels you are eating in a favorite grand-mother's home and that there is a great deal of love in the cooking.

Address - 87-50 168th Street   (718) 206 - 1457

Interesting fact about Guatemala - Denim for blue jeans was invented in Guatemala