For eleven years Harmony Terrace located in Sunnyside (Queens) has been the go to destination for native Romanians, not just for the home-cooking of the "old country," but the live music as well. The interior has a feel of a 70's disco with big lighting fixtures and a raised dance floor. On weekends especially the place gets very lively with Romanian bands performing.

Ah, yes, the classic "Sarmale Cu Mamaliguta" (stuffed cabbage with sour cream and polenta) this is my favorite entree at Harmony Terrace. I found the "Cioba de Fasole (bean Soup) a little on the thin side. For an appetizer, I like the "Gogonele" (pickled green tomatoes) this had a tart sour taste, though not loved by everyone I found it unique in its flavor. The restaurant has a good listing of wines from Romania, with nine "reds" and six "white" wines.

Alexander, the head-chef at Harmony Terrace. He is a native of the Transylvania region of Romania. 

Address - 4757 41st Street Sunnyside (Queens)        (718) 784 - 4651