Located on 17th Street off Sixth Avenue Petite Abeille does a good job capturing the country's most beloved dishes. The name mean "little bee" in French and there is a warmth and coziness about the place which is charming in an otherwise pretty pedestrian area of the city. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the restaurant.

Petite Abeille's interior with high ceilings, European theatre posters gracing the walls with old luggage stored above in racks. There are actually four areas you can dine in - the stools along the wall which face the kitchen, the main room in back - then a tiny room (just three tables) even further back which has a working fire place, and during warm weather a small but charming patio.

The menu which does not change that much from lunch and dinner presents the Belgian classic dishes and an impressive array of Belgium's high quality and unique beers. A total of 30 beers, with eleven of them being Belgian. Though the Mussels Marinieres (mussels with wine, celery, and garlic) looked tempting, as did the savory Croque Madame (baked boiled ham and Gruyere cheese and fried egg sandwich) I went the Flemish Style Beef Stew " (beer braised top round with prunes, carrots, and brussel sprouts). This a wise decision as the dish was so tasty and unique in flavor, the Belgian beer giving it a distinct taste - and even though had prunes and sprouts which normally do not care for, here it was very good. served with golden crisp French Fries which the country is so famous for. *Please note on Monday evening all Belgian Beers are 1/2 price - and on Wednesday "all the mussels you can eat" for $27.

Address - 44 West 17th Street (212) 727 - 2989

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