When you think of the Caribbean, the food roti comes to mind, as most of the island/countries in the Caribbean do roti. However, it seems that Trinidad & Tobago has garnered a reputation for being "the island" for roti. And here on Fulton Street in Brooklyn you can taste the very best of Trinidad roti at Ali's.  For forty years the family Ali has been turning out the best Rotis in New York City

Though just three tables, the majority of the diners do "take out" and the business is brisk. Ali's has a distinct Caribbean feel, and a genuine warmth. A "BE HAPPY" sign dominates, and photos of local beach and map of Trinidad & Tobago grace the walls. Beyond roti, they also serve a fantastic curry stews (of chicken, beef, or goat) and delicious King Fish stew.

But, the roti is the MUST TASTE item. There are five different rotis to choose from (chicken, beef, goat, shrimp, and conch. I had the beef and it was so good, so juicy and succulent. The size of it is daunting, not rolled like a burrito, but more a square, rectangle (5x5 inches) like an envelope - the weight heft of it is substantial. And make sure you try with the pepper sauce.

Mrs. Ali, a native of Trinidad who arrived in New York as teenager. She and her family make you feel very much at home, and a true authentic taste of Trinidad & Tobago.

Interesting Fact - The dance of the "limbo" and calypso" were created in Trinidad & Tobago.

Address - 1267 Fulton Street  Brooklyn     (718) 783 - 0311