With hundreds of Irish Pubs across New York City, most offering a congenial experience, decent warming food, and lots of TV sports screens, they seem to blend into each other in look and feel. However, there is one Irish Pub that is truly distinct, and that is Molly's Shebeen. The word "shebeen" means speakeasy, and the place has that look - in a very good way. Located on Third Avenue and 22nd Street, Molly's (and there is no Molly) has been around since 1960 and has a very enthusiastic following, a high majority which are Irish.

As "unique" and aged Molly's looks on the exterior the special fabric of the pub continues on the inside. With sawdust on the floor, low ceiling, wooden beams, fireplace, an amazing assortment of artifacts; from oil paintings of rural Irish landscape, faded newspaper articles, toys, bells, ship's  photos of Irish politicians and sport heroes . . . and much much more. The pub breathes so much character which is lacking in many NYC Irish pubs. There are five deep wooden booths upfront, for more privacy go in the back where it is dimly lit by a couple ornate chandeliers. There are no big TV's blaring sports (a small one) - and actually Gaelic tunes being played via the jukebox. 

Molly's Shebeen has all the Irish pub "classics" and they do them well. I am especially drawn to their Corned Beef with Cabbage, with boiled potatoes, and with a tad of Coleman's Hot Mustard, yum. And washed down with my favorite Irish beer, Harp, on draft.

Address - 287 Third Avenue (22nd St)              (212) 889 - 3361