Located in Morningside Heights, Massawa named after the port city is an outstanding place to sample authentic Eritrean cuisine. The restaurant sports a very loyal following drawn from the university students and those of Eritrean heritage. It is little wonder that with the delicious food and cozy environment that next year Massawa  will be celebrating it's 20th year.


Eritrean cuisine is very similar to their southern neighbor Ethiopia, and Massawa serves Ethiopian cuisine as well. This dish is called Tebsi which is beef cubes sauteed with tomatoes, jalapenos and berbere. It has a distinct fire to it. However, if too spicy let the chef know and they can adujst. The bread is called injera (and same as Ethiopia) it has a spongy texture and a slight sour taste, and it is more than just bread, but it is used as an eating utensil to scoop up the food. 


Now that's a smile!The warmth of service and atmosphere (cool jazz music, paintings/crafts of country)  makes Massawa a restaurant that is easy to fall for and want to come back many times. My waitress Amanda a native of Eritria was extremely helpful in recommending a specific dish and telling me of the country's rich culture.

Massawa                           1239 Amsterdam Avenue (120-121 St.)              (212) 663 - 0505